VAULT Festival, Waterloo Tunnels, March 4 to 8 2014.






“She was like a spirit stuck in a form that would not hold her”.

Between concert performance, story telling and dance, this unusual ensemble evokes a dangerous but irresistible figure, contemplating beauty, destructive nature, and their power over our contemporary perversions. Composers Andrew Gorman and Camilo Tirado charm with a score of world and electronic music. Choreography by Virginia Scudeletti. Production manager Amy Morcom.



The Last Refuge, Peckham Rye, April 2013.

“A man without transcendence has only the capacity to scream”

“This is a labour of love, and as a result, the theatre-goer is treated to something rather special” – Tristan White, Remote Goat.



RADA, June 2012.

“If you coud hear my voice now, you would feel my body in this voice, penetrating you, immersing you, and we would be having intercourse.”

 “A wonderful combination of the subjective and the analytical” – Sue Dunderdale at RADA.

Written for theatre performance of the ensemble and its bodies, of both instruments and their players, Minus Voice is an adaptation of Schubert’s Ständchen. Investigating a discourse of how to represent operatic voice the instrumentation was for accordion, electronics, violin, viola, cello, alto flute, and voice. Decomposing the melody, reducing it to the primal scream and cooing of a baby, extracting narrative from identities written between the staves, exploring the trauma of a body with no voice, Minus Voice set out to critique what is taken for granted in traditional operatic form.

listen to an excerpt HERE



listen to full opera HERE:

The Secret Garden Party 2011, The Arcola Theater Grimeborn Festival 2011, The Cockpit Rough for Opera 2011.

Narcissus, the vain young fool,
Saw a likeness in a pool,
Cursed to die there all alone,
Because the likeness wa
s his own…

– Tom Coult





Lia Ikkos established Opera Viscera in 2011 to work in opera with new composers, to experiment in sound and music, and conduct artistic research that feeds back to the community. She has since been a company member at Gardzienice Theatre in Poland, become a European Network of Operas scholar, and entered the scope of artistic entrepreneurship as a member of the Debut Contemporary Academy in Notting Hill. She is a free-lance singer, producer and director. Visit for more information.




Miriam Sherwood – producer

Simone Spagnolo – composer

Andrew Gorman – composer

Camillo Tirado – composer

Cordelia Lynn – librettist

Jasmin Kent Rodgman – composer

Katherine Dalton – director

Luke Davies – director

Rose Keyes – designer

Tom Coult – composer

Victoria Fiore – film maker